Statistics not showing


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I had stats, now they are not showing. I see my MSQL database has been updated (up until I no longer see stats) I opened my own email and did not see the database updating again.

I got a new computer iMac OSX 10.9.2, installed MaxBulk and MLM. Did a mailing, and got stats for the first hour and a half. Then nothing.

If I go to my website for lm.php?cmd=admin&action=showdeliveries I see nothing.

The new mailings fld_delivery numbers are writing over existing ones. IE mailing number 6 has already been done, and is still in my database from 2012. When I created a new mailing it used number 6 again.

If I can recover this great, if not please let me know how to completely deinstall MLM so when I do a re-install it's clean.


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The MaxBulk Mailer delivery numbers are very important. If you reuse one statistics will be merged. MaxBulk Mailer automatically increment that number but you can modify it from the preferences. Have you modified that number?


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It's working now.

I think the problem was I needed to have the correct path ../../../ on my lm.php file because my lm_settings and lm_preference files were outside my webroot.

Thanks for your help.


After upgrading to Catalina I now notice that new stats are not being created for my new bulk mailings. I imagine this is something to do with http versus https but I have changed everything plus even the lm_settings.php with no luck.