Sharing import presets between two computers


New Member
When I export settings on one computer, and then import those settings into MaxBulk Mailer on another computer, this process overrides the import presets that had been saved on the second computer.

Is there a way to share import presets between computers without deleting all the presets on the second computer? This is a big problem for me, as in the past I've forgotten that this happens and since I haven't saved the presets on the second computer, they've been lost.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can offer help with this problem!


Staff member
Yes indeed you have to save the settings on the target computer if you want to go back later since the function override everything. This is because those presets are saved in the preference file and the whole file is processed the same way, I mean there is no special treatment for import presets, the whole preference file is transferred. I will have a look at what we can do here.

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