Sending text messages


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Has anyone ever tried sending text messages? I experimented a bit and sure enough it's possible by using the email format of In other words the service might be or verizon or whatever. It even worked when sending through an SMTP bulk mail router.


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Ok but I guess you have to send your message thru a specific server right, some kind of e-mail to SMS gateway, right? Something like this:
No that's not what I said at all. To send a text via email you need two things... the receiver's cell number and what service they use (ATT, Verizon, etc.) Then the email addess becomes phonenumber@service. For example sending a text to someone who's uses ATT is simply address the email to the body of the email then becomes the text message. The trick is to know their service and how it needs to be formatted. The list of carries is available at


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Ok, understood. But you need to find out the service a phone number belongs to? I have seen some free services, not really usable from an application and other with an API, not free. You would have to create an account on that service and pay for the lookups, $0.005 per look-up (US).

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