Send to multiple addresses of 1 record?


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I am a veteran user, stopped at ver. 5.7 like 10 yrs ago ;-) at that time I loved MBM. Now I need it again and before buying I want to make sure, it fulfills one of my needs (which I didn´t need formerly):

Now I have 1 to 5 email addresses within ONE record. Can I tell MBM to send form emails to all 1 to 3 addresses, depending of how many are filled in?

To make it clear: In my DB I host single persons, couples AND their (grown) children, 1 to 3. So when I send out a newsletter, I want to specify who will receive it:
- only the parents (1 or 2 email addresses)
- only the children (1, 2 or 3)
- all of them (1 to 5 total receipients)
As said, all these email addresses I mentionned are within 1 record.

I know about the capabilities of a relational DB but at this point I am decided to do it "flat", as described. Explanation on request ;-)

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Ah! I have just found an mostly similar question and the answer:

The difference is: User Nik wants to send 2 emails from one record to the SAME person. I need to send to up to 5 DIFFERENT names and addresses, see above.


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Thank you Stan for the reply. The difference between these cases is that the other user wants to "send to both addresses, using the same record first name".
Whereas I want(ed) to send to multiple names all from 1 record. With accordingly different greeting formulations and other personalization.

BUT: While developing the Filemaker DB I finally understood the concept and now use relational records, so there is 1 record per person.

Will get back to you for sure in the near future with other issues ;-) DL is ongoing.
Greets Roobert