Seemed to work fine but now banned


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When I ran a test of a 100 or so email addresses I had 89% valid.

Since registering the software and trying it on a bigger list of 30,000 I am running at a test unsuccessful rate of nearly 30%.

I looked at the console and I am getting lots of messages like these:

[10] 9/7 10:23:51 554 found on one or more DNSBLs, see ... p#BL000001
[10] 9/7 10:23:51 > RSET
[10] 9/7 10:23:51 Error #102 - Connection dropped by server.

[10] 9/7 10:22:51 550 5.7.606 Access denied, banned sending IP []. To request removal from this list please visit and follow the directions. For more information please go to (AS16012609) []

The banned IP address is mine :-( So, by using Email Verifier I've managed to get my IP address banned from lots of mail servers and blacklisted. Not good at all :-(

Any suggestions as to:

1. how I get unbanned from all these lists

2. how to use Email Verifier WITHOUT getting your IP address banned

Thanks for your help with this.


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stanbusk said:
Weird you are banned without sending a single email. Are you sure it is because of eMail Verifier?

I know, but it seems VERY coincidental.

Could it be that email verifier is causing the IP address to be hitting these mail servers so much that they're suspecting something is amiss and so banning it.

The chances of it being anything else are very slim as I was doing this from home where, other than my normal personal email I have never sent a mailing ever, and the IP address is specific to this broadband connection.


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I don't have information about that. If it really happened to you then it is something new. I have never heard so far of people being blacklisted because of verifying emails. That's the last straw!

I will investigate. Can you tell me where you have been blacklisted?

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I've had the same experience, just got banned on Spamhaus when trying to run a test on a list of 2.000 contacts :confused:

I assume this is due to not having modified the email-address in the settings, that was set to "[email protected]" (or similar) and could have produced bad results on DNS checks...?

I'll re-run the test from home where I hopefully got an untainted IP-address and the verification will succeed.

Could you look into this issue and/or post clear guidelines on how to avoid this and maybe not setting a placeholder address?