Search analysis problems, incomplete


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I have a very serious problem with the software: eMail Verifier 3.7.2
I have several emails from clients 12mil, 25mil and 55mil approximately; but I have configured the software so that it can validate them, but it never finishes concluding the analysis, I have tried more than 6 times. Also, I have good internet and ram on my laptop to perform this process.
Description of the configuration: Prefencias:
Bandwidth: 100%
conxión: thread: 50 - attempts: 1 - Deadlines: 5
DNS Server: - Utility the default server
MX server resolution: NSLookup (recommended)
Verification method: similar the delivery of a message (recommended) [email protected]
Registration: save the connection log to a file

I hope you can help me because the problem is due.