Remove bounced addresses from MLM with EBH?


I have been successfully using EBH for years, but only recently worked out that it can be integrated with Maxbulk Mailer to populate the "bounced" section in statistics, which is cool.

I assumed that it would also remove the bounced addresses from the list, or at least tag them as bounced, but it seems this doesn't happen automatically unless I'm mistaken?

I have tried exporting the list, saving as DELETE.txt and dropping the file onto the address list, but that action returned an error and deleted all but 1000 addresses from the remote list. Luckily I had backups so was able to restore, but aa that method seems buggy, I'm wondering if the process can indeed be automated?


Proceed for what?

1. Having the number of bounced emails appear in the stats window?

2. Experiencing the delete issue?

If as I suspect you mean No.2, it's entirely repeatable for me: I export the results and name the file DELETE.txt, then open MBM and select the corresponding remote list. Once the email list is populated I drop DELETE.txt onto it, a popup error message appears, and upon a refresh of the remote list it's reduced to only 1000.


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Deletion on a remote list has to be done thru the 'Recipients > Upload to MLM' menu. Select your delete file (File option), select the target list and set the action to 'Delete'.

Right now by dropping a delete file over MaxBulk Mailer the way you do just process the local copy of the remote data, not the remote data itself.

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Being that a hard bounced email is a dead email and the possibility of the same address being on more than one list, is it possible for you to add an "all List" option to the upload to MLM process?

So as to check the bounced lists against all remote lists, and remove all instances?


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I am trying to delete emails from another list (a text file of opt out emails which I would like to remove from a list in MaxBulk Mailer) following Stan's instructions above. However, I get this error code on the Upload to MLM menu: Error #103: The URL is not valid.

What next?