Reduce retries to 1, and now it works!


I've owned Email Verifier for ages, but never really had much success with it. On almost no occasions have it ever fully completed a testing an entire list, even when offered only 1000 emails at a time. No amount of stopping and restarting seemed to fix things, it always seemed to end up just sitting there with a batch of email address stuck at "retry 2".

Today I have it a list of 1200 and put retries to 1 in settings. EM completed the verification process in 20mins, found 60 bad emails and 176 unsuccessful.

This is pretty much the first time ever it's completed a list. So clearly, the retries setting is the problem.

Stan, can you offer any insight into this? Why does it appear that for me at least, EV hangs on the 2nd retry? Is it a bad idea to put retries to 1?



Staff member
I use eMail Verifier myself with retries set to 3 and it always finish verifying the lists. Note that in the large majority of emails, retrying is quite useless.

From time to time I receive reports like yours so I ask the user to send me the list in order to reproduce the problem here. In absolutely 100% of cases I can finish verifying, I have never been able to reproduce the issue myself, this is really a problem if you try to fix a problem since the first step is to reproduce that problem in front of you. :-/

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Oh well, not really an problem for me now anyway as since reducing retries to 1 EV has never failed to finish a list :)