Quite Disappointed actually.


New Member
I am not sure where to begin
- Google refuses your connections stating that you are a malicious service, which forced me to reduce the security on my inbox. This seems like it should be something you've worked out by now.

- Your application is very SLOW and actually stalls my system
- it triggers a system notification noise as it does it's work. Highly annoying
- It crashes non-stop
- it has yet to actually product a list for me.
- I feel like I've been had.
- I'd like my money back.


Staff member
Almost all external applications will force you to disable the Google double-security system. Nothing new here and nothing we can do. Google/Gmail allows you to deactivate that feature just to allow to use external applications. Of course they will tell you very bad things about everybody outside of Google is evil. Anyway using Google for bulk email tasks is bar far the worst choice as I explained here

About speed, can you tell me more about your system? Is it slow from start? Is your computer set to enter sleep mode?

What do you mean with 'noise'?

Crashes? :shock: This app is rock solid, there is something definitely wrong on your system? Did you try rebooting?

A new version is scheduled to be released very soon with support for App Nap, deactivation of sleep mode....etc...

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