Problems importing Tab Delimited file on Mac


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Good Afternoon All,

I'm trying to import a tab delimited file. After using EmailVerifier for Windows for some time, I'm getting unexpected results when importing tab delimited files for Mac.


1. The "E-mail type" field is prefilled with data from the CSV, in this case the "First Name" field.

2. When exporting the verified list file it seems quite broken as well. The valid email addresses don't go in, and none of the data from the original txt file passes through.

Expected behavior: Uploading the file will fill the "E-mail type" field automatically, and exporting the valid address will pass through the originally uploaded text file's data.

Since .txt extension is not allowed I have posted the tabdelimited file (tabdelim.txt) and the post validation export file (export.txt) here:


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Ok, I have copied the data from the web page to a UTF-8 file then I have dragged and dropped that file onto eMail Verifier list control. It loads 695 entries but indeed a column receives wrong data. I will look at that. I will investigate that as soon as I can.

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Awesome! Thank you Stan.

What kind of timetable do you think?

We're thinking of installing the Windows version and using it via RDP, which is less than ideal but at least a workaround for the time being, but if your timetable is low we might just wait on a patch to eMail Verifier and continue moving our email operation to the Mac version.

Thanks for your help so far!