Problem with [unsubscribe] and statistics

I think this is a problem with MLM and not MaxBulk Mailer, even though it originates from the latter.

I sent yesterday an announcement and today I realized that the body of the email I sent was not received, i.e. it was empty!

I made some experiments and here is the problem: If I use a remote list to send something and the body of my email refers to the [Unsubscribe] tag, then the whole body of the email is not sent at all (i.e. the email just has the subject line). In addition, MLM does not keep any statistics for this posting.

If I don't include the [Unsubscribe] tag in the body of the email, then my post also includes the body and statistics is kept.

Note that in the case that I include the [Unsubscribe] tag, I can see it in Preview and if I click on it there, it has the expected effect of unsubsribing the email address from which I clicked it. But when it is sent, the body of my posting is completely empty and no statistics is kept.

I use MySQL set up and not raw text. However, I switched to raw text just to check, and I have the same problem there as well.

Thanks for any help!
Yes, but I just noticed it says "unregistered", even though I purchased some previous version. Is this the problem? Should I revert to so previous version that is covered under whatever license I had purchased in the past?
It seems that the problem was in the latest version (possibly because i have an "unregistered" status). When I reverted to 8.5 it is working just fine. But I noticed something else, which will be the subject of another post. :)


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Sous Bulker 8.4.1 la gestion des désabonnement qui fonctionnait très bien ne fonctionne maintenant plus.

J'ai bien un message qui dit "vous avez 8 destinaires qui ont demandé à être désabonnés" mais le désabonnement automatique n'est plus pris en compte.

Que faire ?

mais le fichier <? Php
/ ***************************** **********************************************
* unsubscribe.php n'existe pas sur mon ftp.

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