Plain text is the only format OK... I MUST send web page


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It looks like a previous post in september.... But the solution found was with HTML ... And I MUST send a web page... And NO NO NO Way with MBM !
I have lost 6 hours today turning around on all the ways (I tested my mailer, the smtp account, all the parameters... "everything") up to noticing that plain texte are sent bt MBM but NOT the web pages... Then the big problem comes from MBP !

I have OSX 10.13.1 MBM 8.6.1
It seems this very big Failure of MBM comes with OSX 10.13
As My last mailing was sent 2 month ago, and it was with osx 10.12... And EVERYTHING was perfect !!!!!!!

My mails SHOULD have been sent last day today... I was not imaginating such a mess... It would be so great is a solution could be found quickly

Big big thanks !


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I have found the solution... Easy as allways when it is done...
But I have lost more than 6 hours exploring everything... I feel definitely really very furious... MBM is definitely NOT working correctly.

Here is what happenned and what MUST DEFINITELY BEEN SOLEVED !!!!!!!

When i try to send as a web page the following page[UNIQID]&u=4e150273a2b0002dc6e6dbaaf&id=212fcdd104
That page is correctly seen in the preview mode... THEN HOW CAN I IMAGINE that a page which is correctly previewed will NOT be sent because MBM detect an "error in the doc" before sending it .... ????? !!!!!!!

It is very easy to explain the solution right now... But it took me 6 hours of exploring everywhere before finding that solution

I am really inhappy of that !!!!!


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Ok, please forgive my tone in this message, I really appreciate you use MaxBulk Mailer but let me explain what's happening.

The Web Page format works this way:

- MaxBulk Mailer connects to the URL provided.
- The page is downloaded as HTML code.
- MaxBulk Mailer sends the message with that code in the body, as is.

Since email software are not web browsers the sent message has to be checked thoroughly, send a message to yourself for example. I do it all the time.

Email software only include very basic HTML rendering capabilities, as I said, they are not web browsers. Lots of stuff may not work, for example Email Software has no Javascript interpreter, will not download remote CSS data, videos and animations will not work, there is no support for frames, browser conditional code etc. The list is quite long.

I added the Web Format for people to upload the HTML code they have written (themselves) and send a URL instead of pasting the code in the message. I added the Web Format for people that know what they are doing (no offense here). There are reasons to do that actually.

I did not add the Web page format for you to send whatever page you have seen on the internet (no offense here). It would be really crazy to think it will always work, I believe it will almost never work, because of the reason I explained above.

So, just to make things clear, the problem you have has absolutely no relation with MaxBulk Mailer. I have said millions of times to write simple HTML, compatible HTML, this is the only way to be sure a mail reader or a web mail system will render it.

People that sell email templates on the internet spend lot of time testing them on all kind of software and systems to be sure that are fully compatible and render the same way everywhere.

I have checked your page, and OMG, what a mess, this is code for web browsers, not for emailing. Your page contains Javascript, lots of browsers conditionals, etc.

Your page can't be sent as is by email, not at all. You have to edit it and make it simple. Remove incompatible stuff and you will be fine.

This topic is quite interesting so it has been added to the maxprog knowledge-base: Web Page format doesn't work for me.

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