PHP error, bad file/directory permissions or invalid...


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Hello! When installing using the wizard I received no error messages except one saying the config file was already on the server. I chose to overwrite the existing file.

Searching through the install log / console window for error messages (error, warning, fail) yielded no results, so I assume the wizard did its job.

However, when trying to open the MLM web, I receive the following error message:

PHP error, bad file/directory permissions or invalid site software configuration

What could be wrong? I can't seem to find any support contact information on the website, so that's why I'm posting here in the forum.


Best regards, Bjørn


Staff member
Perhaps your server doesn't like you to set the folder 'lm' access permissions to 777. Try to CHMOD the 'lm' folder to 775 and try again. If it still fail CHMOD the 'lm' folder to 755. If it still fail CHMOD the 'lm' folder to 705. It should then work. You can CHMOD a folder with your FTP software.

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Using FileZilla, I'm able to set the lm folder to 777, 775, 755 and 705 without any issues. I only try to set the folder itself, not its contents, is that OK?

I still get the same error message. :(