OSX favorites and history windows stuck at top of screen

I'm running MaxBulk 8.6 on OSX Sierra 10.12.2

The favorites and history windows open at top of screen, but without any way to close or minimize them. Can't drag them around, there are no controls on them or anything.

Is this how they are supposed to work? Any way to kill them?


Staff member
All Windows can be resized dragging its right bottom corner. By default it resizes to the top left. If you press the Option key it will resize to the center. Then you will reveal all those buttons.

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I don't get any buttons revealed, however I resize the window, its just a blank window.

And as such, no way to close it etc.

Would you like a screenshot or something?
Ah ok, I just upgraded Sierra to latest version and I can now get the window with close button etc so problem solved :)