Older Statistics gone with new computer upgrade.


Hi Stan.

I just set up a new MacBook Pro with MBM. I copied exactly all my MBM setting and preferences from my old computer to the new one, including settings for MLM. However, when I click on the Statistics button, the window just shows what I have sent since getting the new computer. My old computer had about a decades worth of MLM stuff. Any idea how to get that to show up again?



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MaxBulk Mailer offers a very simple way to transfer settings between computers. With settings I mean everything, Preferences, E-mail Accounts, Recipient Lists, Templates, Favorites, Pictures and the Delivery History. You can actually choose what to export, create a transfer file, move that file to the other computer or to your Dropbox folder and then import it into the other MaxBulk Mailer copy. With that feature you can:

- Transfer settings between your desktop computer and your Notebook
- Transfer settings between you and your colleagues computers
- Keep several computers synchronized, manual synchronization thru Dropbox

but also:

- Create backups of your settings, lists, accounts...
- Switch between setting sets in case you send messages for your clients

It is explained here: How can I transfer my lists and accounts between two computers?

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Hi Stan.

Thanks. I wish I had known this before installing on new computer. And doing my first mailing on the new computer. I basically did everything manually. Everything works, but now is there anyway to retrieve the Statistics ONLY from the old computer and then import them to the new computer AND maintain the statistics that I have already logged on new machine? And in the File>Settings>Export menu, which item is JUST the Statistics for MLM? In other words, is it possible to merge two lists?

Can this be done?