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MLM problems installation


New Member
We had a change of hosting.
We have created the database in another hosting and the installation folder.
So far everything is correct.
The installation seems to work, create the folder, tables etc ...
But the program seems to write nothing in the database.
The installation left an error of:
command not implemented for that parameter.
But still I can access the ml.php by URL and enter the database.
In the database there are three tables, created by the system.

Anyone know why the program does not write in the database?
Can I detect the problem in any way?

Attached image of the end of the installation




New Member

I have seen that none of the options did anything.

The system put the url lm.php.

I have modified it by the URL with http: //domain/ml/ml.php

It has worked now.

Greetings and thanks!
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