MLM Lists Subscribe html not working on Mac

MLM installed and is working, somewhat. The html pages for subscribing. How am I suppose to use them? Yes I have read the instructions over and over. I cannot get my lists to show up in the html files. I can create lists no problem. What the heck does one have to do to get these html files to work?


Monte Allums
BTW, I was using MailChimp, but with 3000 subscribers it was getting expensive. MaxBulk Mailer is less than the cost of one email blast and so far I am really loving it. InMotion flagged my newsletter as spam and threatened to suspend my account on my first blast. But after some back and forth I am hoping we've worked it out and they now know I am a legit business and not a spammer.

Right now I am using the list from MailChimp that I built up over the last 8 years. But I would really like to get the List Management part up and working. I am pretty computer savy and spent the entire day trouble-shooting MLM. But I am so far unable to get MLM sorted out. I searched thru the older posts where admin suggested editting the html php files but the newer version's line numbering is different.

Any help would be appreciated. I could actually just continue to use MailChimp for new subscribers but it would be nice to move away from them altogether.


Staff member
Ok, thanks for the detailed explanation. So, you installed MLM on your server, right? Have you run the MLM diagnostics? You can do that from the MaxBulk Mailer preferences, second panel, toolbox menu next to the MLM URL. What do you get? No errors?

When you use any of the MLM sample subscribe pages, do you get any error or do they work properly?

Those pages are simply examples.

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Hi Stan, thanx for the swift reply. I am making good progress. I have figured out the php lists and how to edit them and added a mySQL database to my website host to handle the stats. I use InMotion. Took a while to figure everything out but the double opt-in is working great and I am very happy with the results. Thank you for such a inexpensive and powerful app!

I am finding the MLM website List Management portion extremely slow to load and manage. It's rather arduous to edit the lists and add subscribers from MailChimp. Do you have any suggestions for speeding things up? Should I possibly try doing the management from the MaxBulk app itself?

Again, thanx for a great product!