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Hi stanbusk,
I am a fan of forum, It is very informative

1. What would be best location to install lm folder in WordPress? At;
A. root level after public_html as>>
B. public_html/ wp-content as>> wp-content/lm/lm.php
C. public_html/wp-content /plugin as>>
D. None of the above, then what location?

2. mlm_pro_php - new version not working on WordPress result cannot connect to database when installation

MlM 3.1.7 not working on wordpress
MlM 3.1.6 working ok
What is it? What is the solution?

3. And Sometime, It show 103 Error. What is it? What is the solution?

4. Statistic pane not stable causing not working properly. What is it? What is the solution?

To clean the email list and keep everything run smooth, I do the fresh install back up database, delete old database. I reinstall the software and reinstall the clean list. Do you think this is the good idea? Or do you have some other suggestion to save the statistical data? Or any best practice advice?
Thank you for the Forum provide, it is very helpful. I am looking forward to your reply

Thank You,


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I am not a Wordpress developer. I made MLM to be used with MaxBulk Mailer and I added a web interface to it. A customer, long time ago, created a Wordpress plugin and I made available to all MLM users. I guess it is that plugin that gives errors, right?

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