MaxBulk Mailer 8.5.2 release


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New MaxBulk Mailer v8.5.2 has been released today. This is a free update for all v8 users with an update plan.

MaxBulk Mailer is a bulk mailer software and an e-mailmerge tool for Macintosh and Windows that allows anyone to send out customized offers, press releases, price lists or any kind of text or HTML message to a list of subscribers, friends or customers.

What's new in this release:

- Educated quotes now supported in conditional statements.
- AppNap and System Idle Sleep mode are now automatically deactivated during deliveries (Mac Only).
- AppNap and System Idle Sleep mode are now automatically deactivated when loading/importing/exporting/processing lists. (Mac Only).
- Delivery is now faster thanks to a new synchronized driven delivery system.
- Permissions have been changed to allow compatibility with ‘Munki’.
- The Windows installer is now signed with a sha-256 certificate for Windows 10 compatibility.
- Fix: Old v3 files not loading the message contents.
- Fix: Extra empty menus have been removed from the main menu bar.

Don't forget to read our small tutorial about sending beautiful e-mails with MaxBulk Mailer.


It's a very odd problem. We send out customer surveys and use Typeform as the service. We've done about half a dozen so far, and the first three sent out with each person's custom URL in the Opt 1 field. Their link is then only theirs, so we know who is filling out what survey. These are not huge lists, maybe a dozen a week.

I learned to turn off the tracking in MBM so the URLs were intact, but in the past couple weeks, something happened where the URL changes by the time it gets to the customer. So, they'll fill it out, but the specific info in the first URL reverts to (5) x's so that we have no idea who filled out this survey.

We use AuthSMTP as our outgoing service, and they claim they don't touch or edit anything we ever send. So my next troubleshooting step is within MBM.

It's the weirdest thing, because the first few sends worked flawlessly, then this started happening.

I went back to 8.5.1 and it still happens. I guess my first question is are there any prefs hidden somewhere that I can remove and try another install of 8.5.1?

What link should be: ...

What arrives in e-mail:

What happens when customer clicks google truncated link: ... mail=xxxxx

This is a new one for me. :)

Update: Installed 8.5.3 to see what happens, same thing. I'm also consulting with Typeform at the same time to see if they have any ideas, because we simply can't figure out where the truncation happens.


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Your URL are of the type ''. is a URL shortener. You can go tho the page and see how it works. MaxBulk Mailer doesn't use that service. Gmail service may uses it. Are you sure you are not using Gmail?


We're not using gmail, we use AuthSMTP for our e-mail send server, so the mystery is where the original custom link is getting truncated. I believe it rests with Typeform, but want to make sure everything on the MBM side is all right, and I believe it is. I you released the MBM update on February 17th and I may have updated myself a day or so later.


P.S. Never mind. I found the problem. :)