list disappeared an now it's impossible to create new one



This morning I downloaded our MLM list. When I went to replace it with an updated version, I discovered that the list had disappeared. I tried replacing the MLM folder on our site with yesterday's version but it was still gone. As I have a copy of all the data necessary, I thought I'd just create a new list and import it, however it was also impossible to create a new list, the error message is
Erreur - Problème sur le serveur lors de la lecture de la liste. [: ]

Any ideas how to troubleshoot this?

I ran the diagnostics and this is what it turned up

MLM 3.1.6 diagnose ran on 2019-07-01 at 19:17:34

request_uri =
path_to_script =
working_directory = /home/clients/727afe78529de72bdd821e218af8a9ca/web/mailing_MLM/lm

mailqueue permissions = 0777
sqlqueue permissions = 0777
uploads permissions = 0777
imports permissions = 0777
templates permissions = 0777

#1 mysql_connect(, lqa_xxxx, xxxxxx, lqa_xxxx )
-> Connection error :) )
-> Check your server address and credentials in lm_settings.php
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Problem was resolved by re-introducing password for my user name into the sql data base. Strange, this has been working for years without a hitch


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Yes, it weird but it was maybe a connection problem between your web server and your MySQL server. Sometimes they are on different systems on the same network.

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