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<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://..." in html gives an error #301


New Member
If I use a CSS-Files for to include styles, Version 8.7.1 does not sent the mailing and gives the error

- Error in document
- #301: Ok - https://url_to_existing_css

Both files, the mailing and the css are from the same site.

The preview looks fine.


New Member
Whatever I will do or not. Why it is an error? Are there changes in CSS and/or HTML-specs?
Did I have to include pictures, fonts and all those things in the future also because someone guesses that there will be chances for ...


New Member
But it is not an recommandation, it reports it as an error. It is not an error!!!, it is a normal html-syntax. And the biggest effrontery is, that the mail could not be send.
This is like my mail client will not send an mail, because someone of the mail developers thinks that might be not very friendly what I wrote ...