Liabilities within "Money Flow Summary"-Report


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Is it correct, that when I'm adding a transaction with a liabilities-account as source (money flows away, which means more liabilities/debt) this transaction shows up blue (which indicates a positive affect, imho) and when I'm reducing liabilities (money flow TO that account) it is shown as red (like a negative effect)?

This somehow feels/looks wrong, because it's negative to me when liabilities are added and it is good for me when I decrease liabilities...


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It is the oposite, the liability account as to be on the right, the target account, you are cancelling a debt. The transaction is usually from a bank account to the liability account. You also have to create a transaction to debit the liability account, the original debt. You can do that by entering a transaction with the liability account on the left and a Startup account on the right. Note that we call 'Equity' accounts 'Startup'.

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Let me explain following example:

You have a loan account (categorised under "liabilities") with say EUR -5.000,- and a checking account.

Further more you have a regular clearance of EUR 100,- each month (from checking account to loan account).

When you now assume you have some bank charges of EUR 500,-, which the bank will collect from the loan account you have additional EUR 400,- liability on that loan account (EUR 100,- minus EUR 500,-).

When you now have monthly "Money Flow Summary" within "Reports"-View it shows up as following:
Period ----- Liabilities
2016 July: -100,00 (clearance)
2016 August: -100,00 (clearance)
2016 September: -100,00 (clearance)
2016 October: -100,00 (clearance)
2016 November: 400,00 (clearance with additional bank charges)
2016 December: -100,00 (clearance)

But to me as the debt holder clearance is a good thing and bank charges on a loan account is a bad thing.
Do you know what I want to explain?


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Maybe I misunderstand you but bank charges are different transactions that should not affect the loan, I would enter that as different transactions between the bank and the checking account. By the way I explain loans here.

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Hi, Stan!

I read your blog about loans in iCash... Well, I have a different understanding to this - I want to represent my financial reality with iCash (interest is not payed from my checking account, it is added to the balance of the loan account).

It looks more natural when I'm adding the Loan-Account to my regular Cash-Accounts (and not under the loan segment, although it should be there) - this way it work's just better for me.