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Latest version mostly doesn't work on older (2010) hardware.


HI Stan, just to make you aware, as i didn't see it mentioned anywhere that the latest version more or less won't work on older machines: 2010 iMac, running HS.

I haven't used EV for a while but launched it today to discover I needed to upgrade. I did, and then tried to use it.

On a list of about 2,000 it spends more time hanging than doing anything and returns almost all addresses as "Unable To Test". I tried again with the last version I had (3.7.4) and it's working fine.

Most likely a hardware issue, the machine I use for running things like EV is pretty old now, but given that it seems to just mark most addresses as unable to test, opposed to just failing, I figured it was worth letting you know.

I tried the new version on my main machine, a 2017 iMac and it worked OK, although did tend to hand way more than v3.7.4.


HI, High Sierra. It hasn't stopped working as such, as mentioned above, it just constantly hangs and returns most addresses as unable to test.

As an experiment, I ran the same list thru 3.7.7 and 3.7.4. 3.7.7 took about four hours to complete with over 70% unable to test. 3.7.4 took about an hour and returned about 15% unable to test.

Those numbers might not 100% accurate, I didn't save the results with 3.7.7 as I knew they were wrong, but from memory they are about right.


I tried various settings, then copied them precisely from older version to newer version. Older version worked fine, newer version didn't.


Hi Stan. I had a list of 1500 to clean today. As it's a small list i thought I'd try both 3.7.4 and 3.7.7 versions. Results the same in both!

Which now begs the question: Does 3.7.7 have issues with big lists on older hardware, or were the results I got the other week just a one-off.

I've got a lot of lists to clean in the coming weeks and will continue to test in both, reporting back my findings.

Hope this helps.


Staff member
I have never heard of such a problem, to be honest, but as far as I know, people use to run the last version on recent hardware and OS.

These are the functional changes between 3.7.4 and 3.7.7
- The default DNS servers have been changed from Google to OpenDNS.
- The extraction window now displays a big radial progress bar. Given processes are more responsive and no longer lock the user interface.
- The application interface has been enhanced in order to show the result in a better way.
- macOS Disk image now comes signed and notarized by Apple in order to pass through Catalina Gatekeeper checks.

There is nothing that could explain that problem except maybe the PDF, WORD, EXCEL, ... extraction libraries.

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Hi Stan. I'm going to put this down to something weird happening at the time of testing. Since my last post, everything is working fine.

Sorry to have troubled you.


Just an update: Today, on a list of 17k it didn't work.

After five hours it had checked 300 addresses, 7 valid, the rest "unable to test". Immediately fired up version 3.4.4 and ten minutes in and it's already check 800 addresses with 700 valid.

I don't know where the cut-off point is, but the latest version has issues on large lists. I think the point it starts to fall over is around 10k.

Hope this is of help.