Issue with calculations when using two or more currencies


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The total amounts don't take in account the currencies.

I meant, let's say you have a category "Home" with two accounts "Spanish House" and "English House". Also you have two bank accounts, a Spanish one and an English one. Your English bank account and your English House are in Sterlings and the Spanish ones in Euros. Now let's say you pay 500 euros every month from your Spanish bank to your Spanish house and 500 sterlings form your English bank to your English House.
The totals for your Home category will be 1000 (no currency).
This means nothing. It is mixing euros + sterlings without any type of conversion.

There are two possible solutions, or calculate the total using the exchange rate at the moment of doing the calculation, or keeping and exchange rate per transaction, but just aggregating the amounts ignoring the currencies means nothing and it's quite useless. If my by-default currency is euros I would like to see at Home category level how many euros I have spent so far.


p.s. iCash is great sorry for the complain but since I moved out of the euro zone I have issues I haven't discovered before.


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Re: Issue with calculations when using two or more currencie

My bad. I just saw there is a field to store the exchange rate at the time I made the transaction.

Is there a way this field is automatically populated? I meant using the current exchange rate instead of the previously used one.