Is there a way customers can subscribe?


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I see repeated mention of subscribe yet cannot find a page or piece of code that I can put on my page to capture a subscription request. If I have a customer or visitor to my website that would like to subscribe, how do they do that?


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You have to install MLM on your server. MLM stands for Mailing List Manager. To make things simple let's say it is the online part of MaxBulk Mailer. Indeed it does all what MaxBulk Mailer can't do by itself. MaxBulk Mailer is a desktop application you run when you need it and quit once you are finished. MLM however is a script running on your web site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. MaxBulk Mailer takes advantage of MLM to perform tasks and to offer services that require full time availability. Imagine you were to maintain your computer with MaxBulk Mailer running indefinitely at home or at the office. This is simply inconceivable, hopefully you don't have to do that since MLM run on a web server and web servers are always running!

MLM installation is optional, yet it adds two important services to MaxBulk Mailer. On one hand it offers the possibility to maintain lists on your web site allowing your visitors to subscribe or unsubscribe from any of them. On the other hand it adds the possibility to find out what happens to a message once it leaves your computer, if it has been opened by a recipient or if a recipient has clicked on a link.

MLM fully integrates with MaxBulk Mailer. Once you have installed MLM on your server and set your subscribe page, everything else is handled transparently. Actually if you did not have to install MLM to your server you would never have heard about it.

MLM installation and operation are supposed to be easy and actually they are 99% of the time. Indeed we have worked really hard to create MLM and the MaxBulk Mailer built-in FTP installer making them as easy-to-use and trouble-free as possible. However there are times the installation will fail or MLM will not work as expected. That's because given server settings may be incompatible with MLM or with given MLM features. In those specific cases you will likely have to contact your server support to get help. Most of the time server administrators limit given features arguing security concerns. Anyway, if you belong to that unlucky 1% group of user with MLM troubles, don't give up, MLM represents a great improvement for MaxBulk Mailer so it is well worth the effort.

There are two ways to install MLM on your server, using the MaxBulk Mailer > Install MLM menu or manually by using you favorite FTP software. This tutorial explains how to install MLM on your server using the MaxBulk Mailer built-in installer (and at the bottom, how to install MLM manually).

You can continue reading here: How to install MLM on your server

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