ip blacklisted. ...now?


After verifying about 4000 emails with verifier, I got tons of emails returned as "apparently valid". In fact, looking deeper into test results, all those emails returned basically one of the following results: (where "MYIP" replaces the real IP address of my computer's current internet connection)
550 mail not accepted from blacklisted IP address [MYIP]
550 DY-001 (COL004-MC2F30) Unfortunately, messages from MYIP weren't sent. Please contact your Internet service provider. You can tell them that Hotmail does not relay dynamically-assigned IP ranges. You can also refer your provider to http://mail.live.com/mail/troubleshooting.aspx#errors.
554 Refused. Your IP address is listed in the RBL at b.barracudacentral.org
554 Refused. Your IP address is listed in the RBL at zen.spamhaus.org
550 smtp-05.iol.local bizsmtp IP blacklisted by Spamhaus, http://www.spamhaus.org/query/ip/MYIP [smtp-05.iol.local; LIB_101]
476 connections from your host are temporarily denied
It looks my IP has been blacklisted "somewhere" and most of my test are practically invalid.
Now what can I do and what the consequences of this?
Should I stop using Email Verifier?
How can I be removed from this/these blacklist(s)?


addendum: searching in spamhouse.org website I realized that my ip is listed in the PBL (but not in SBL and XBL). Further info reports:
It is the policy of ASN3269 / ASN-IBSNAZ TELECOM ITALIA that unauthenticated email sent from this IP address should be sent out only via the designated outbound mail server allocated to ASN3269 / ASN-IBSNAZ TELECOM ITALIA customers. To find the hostname of the correct mail server to use, customers should consult the original signup documentation or contact ASN3269 / ASN-IBSNAZ TELECOM ITALIA Technical Support.
I don't fully understand this. Should I set some specific SMTP server in Email Verifier preferences, instead of using default?


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You should contact your server support, they should fix that problem. It looks like there is a misconfiguration somewhere and as a result the server has been blacklisted.