Improve SPAM score -include Plaint Text in email (HTML)


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As per so many mail server requirement and spam score. Email should include plain text in HTML version emails.

Now I sending marketing emails 'HTML only' mode so I getting bad spam scoring, to improve spam scoring I need include the plain text also and what is the best way to insert plant text ? before HTML tag start? any suggestion?

and any way to not all the link to not make click-through tracking. just as original link?

Because in when some email client accept Plain text only, that mail server reject or mark as SPAM that HTML Only emails.
and when the see all link like click-through tracking long character, high changes to get spam/junk, so to improve I need an option to few links only click-through tracking, some are just as original link.

Thank You


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Yea.. i think these days people complain about spam score.... but i was able to beat mine yesterday just after i purchase the 8.6.1 US Max Bulk Mailer... My new score is...... 1:2 and 1.3 Neutral / good ...i think the solution to this is all about your headers and good HTML editor... :D