iCash 7.7 release


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Posting here for the first time, although I have been iCash user since 2009 and version 6.

There are several issues with the software development that makes me think twice when the time to extend the subscription comes.

The first complaint is regarding unacceptable delays/freezes during the application startup in its Windows version. (Not to mention numerous redraws of the interface just before it comes back to "life".)

Second, since the upgrade to the version 7.7.x, even further startup delay were introduced. I expect that it is due to the preparing of the new Overview panel. The startup can take even up to several minutes! During that time the iCash simply freezes with the "Not responding" message in the window's title:

Please make it more responsive during the startup and calculate statistics in the background or at least introduce the option to skip/disable the Overview panel.

There are few other issues and quirks that bother during the transaction entry, but I've got used to them, and in overall the application's functionality suits me fine.