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iCash 7.6.5 freezing on Windows 10


Hi Stan, I just moved laptop, am now running iCash (latest version, 7.6.5) on Windows 10, and it's frozen several times already.

Are you explicitly supporting Windows 10?


Staff member
Have you tried to completely uninstall iCash, restart and then re-install? There are no problems with Windows 10, actually Windows 10 is the recommended OS. You can have problems with mixed iCash libraries though.

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This laptop (Dell notebook) only ever had Windows 10 on it, so it's a clean install of icash on Windows 10.

The only non-standard bit of my setup is that I have attached the notebook to a KVM so that my display is extended to 2 screens.

Can't imagine this to be the problem, but I thought I would mention it for completeness.

The icash transaction.display shows the Reconciled checkbox out of line (it sits slightly higher) with the rest of the input fields (I will add a photo later) so that made me wonder whether perhaps icash wasn't supported on Windows 10.


As promised, two screenshots.

One of the transaction window on my laptop screen, and another when it's on my extended screen.

All looks normal and correct on the laptop screen, but it's not rendering quite correctly on the extended screen.

As I say, I'm not claiming this has anything to do with my 'freezing' problem, but on the other hand if you say it's all supposed to work on Windows 10 then I'm mentioning this because it's the only "non-standard" thing about my setup.


Staff member