iCash 7.5.9 release


Staff member
New iCash v7.5.9 has been released today. This is a free update for all v7 users with an update plan.

iCash is an easy-to-use, full featured and multi-purpose Personal Finance software for Macintosh and Windows intended to help you control your personal finances, keeping track of incomes, expenses, credits, debts and Banks transactions for you. No needs to know about accounting or even care about it! iCash lets you know where your money comes from and to where it goes with just a few clicks.

What's new in this release:

- Fix: Issue with multiple transaction editor not showing the comboboxes menus.
- Fix: Return key not handled properly in Comment and Project fields.
- Fix: Totals not visible next to 'Transaction' when selecting several transactions.
- Fix: Key shortcuts using the shift key no longer blocked by transaction input fields.
- Fix: Payee, comment and project fields no longer deleted when going thru fields.
- Fix: Switching panels no longer reset the transaction entry panel.

Don't forget to read our small tutorial about adding transactions to iCash, how to use Budgets and how to import transactions from a Bank statement.