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How to collect/extract information from reply emails

Leon Chen

New Member
I am quite happy with the MaxBulk Mailer to send match emails. However I am wondering whether there is also a feature for me to extract information from replying emails. This would allow me to automatically update my mail list like the event registration etc. I know eMail Extractor can get the email but not sure it could extract other information like names and company name etc.



Staff member
The best would be to get a programmer write something for you in PHP. Some kind of HTML form with some line in PHP to process the input, save it to a file or send it by email. In my opinion, that would be the best.

Leon Chen

New Member
Actually this could be raised as a feature request. I guess Email Extractor is based on "@" to extract the email address. Similar tags can also be devised for the returned email (for example: #T1[Tag name]: [Tab value]). This would allow broadcasted emails to have several pre-set tags to be filled by returned emails. Then Email Extractor could have extended features to extract all tag values as the returned email data collection.

In such a way Email Extractor could be a really useful data collection tools for retuned emails.

People use MaxBulk Mailer mainly for email broadcast and at the same time would prefer to have a companioning tools to collect data from returned emails. Making Email Extractor have such feature would really make them a complete tool set.


For that purpose I use Thunderbird and I got plugins:

AddressContext: it extract mails from From: or To: field;
ImportExportTools and SmartSave: extract all the text from the mails (inc dresses and everything).

Then you can use MaxProg eMail Extractor to extract all the mails there.

...next, sky is the limit :D