How to Batch Process Blacklist


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Is there a way to batch import a list of email addresses to be blacklisted? I've got 50+ bounces (id=550) and would like to be able to process them in a batch.

I see in the docs that provision is made for importing a text file named DELETE, UNSUBSCRIBE, KEEP, or DEACTIVATE, but there is no description of how to import a list to be blacklisted. I tried naming the file "BLACKLIST" but that invoked the import routine.


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In MaxBulk Mailer the blacklist is like any other list. Select the blacklist in MaxBulk Mailer and add the recipient you wish. You can use all the batch processes that are available to any other list. You can learn more about the blacklist here: Using MaxBulk Mailer Global Blacklist.


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Thank you, stanbusk. Somehow I missed that in the docs.

Nice to find out, too, that dropping a tab & return delimited text file on the list works just fine. Then, I discovered that the bounced addresses (in Gmail) can be dragged one at a time onto the Blacklist. So far, that looks like the fastest way to process them -- no need to accumulate them into a text file.