How do I edit the "Your subscription has been cancelled" page?


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When Unsubscribe is clicked from the email, the displayed cancellation page, with banner "Your subscription has been cancelled" has inappropriate content. It gives the list name, which is not necessarily a meaningful name to a recipient. In my test it is "Test-001". The page also has my name in the footer! Why? It is linked to my company URL so it should have the company name. The page title also has my name. Again, why?!

Also, The text on the page is two paragraphs, the second is incorrect. It says the email address is successfully deleted. It is not! In test, I found the email is still listed, marked unsubscribed but not deleted and included in the next mailing.

I'd like unsubscribe to actually work (separate issue reported) and, specific to this post thread, I'd like to edit the text on the page. The two paragraphs say:
You have asked to cancel your subscription to the list 'Test-001'.
The email address '[email address]' has been successfully deleted.

Instead, I'd like to say: "You have unsubscribed from our mailing list. If this is in error, please re-subscribe at [link]. If you any questions or feedback, please email us at [email address]."