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Help editing the subscribe pages please?


Hi, I've scoured the forums for help on this, and the site too, but can't find anything. It's most likely there, I just can't locate it!

I use MLM and have many lists. I want to add a link to various sites that take the user to a customised version of /subscribe_single_fixed.php that will subscribe them to a specific list.

The manual says...

subscribe_single_fixed.php is a sample subscription page where you can manually subscribe to one unique implicit list - HTML modifications required!

It's the HTML modification bit I need the help with!

Lets say the list I want to add subscribers to is "bikespanner".

I've duplicated subscribe_single_fixed.php and called it subscribe_single_fixed_bs.php

If I type that into the browser bar I get the subscribe page, so I fill it out but upon clicking subscribe the page simply refreshes. So obviously I need to edit the file subscribe_single_fixed_bs.php!

So I open it and look for a reference of "list1". I find it, so replace it with "bikespanner". I thought that would work, but no :-(

I've searched the forum and found mention of editing line 32, but at this point, I'm a bit lost.

All help appreciated!



That method requires the user to select their chosen list from a drop down and more importantly displays ALL my lists, many of which are private.

I need to have the list somehow pre-selected in the URL or the subscribe file.


Staff member
This form shows one single list reason why it is called 'single'. If you decide to choose a form that is not automatice then have to set the list name by hand editing the code. In 'subscribe_single_fixed.php' just look for <?php echo $list; ?> and replace it by your list name.

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Unfortunately, due to either me doing something wrong or you not understanding what I wish to do, that didn't seem to work.

My process...

First I duplicated subscribe_single_fixed.php to subscribe_single_fixed_bs.php

I did this because having many lists, I wish to replicate this signup method across many sites with each adding the signup email to its specific list.

I then edited this file and found <?php echo $list; ?>...

<input type="hidden" name="list" value="<?php echo $list; ?>" /></div>

And changed it as instructed to...

<input type="hidden" name="list" value="<bikespanner>" /></div>

bikespanner being the list name.

I then put /subscribe_single_fixed_bs.php in the url bar and the signup page appeared, after I inputted some test details and hit submit the page refreshed page to the same page with no credentials but nothing had been added to the list bikespanner.

EDIT: I have just tested the original subscribe_single_fixed.php file, with no editing, and when I try to add an email I get the same thing happen, the page refreshes with nothing added to any list. So I'm thinking the problem is deeper than just my editing the file incorrectly?

EDIT EDIT: I've now tested all subscribe forms/pages, none work.

Please advise.


Staff member
The correct line is:
<input type="hidden" name="list" value="bikespanner" /></div>
Then also try to replace this:

$lm_path = "http".(empty($_SERVER['HTTPS'])?'':'s').'://'. $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] . str_replace( "html/$script_name", '', $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] );

$lm_path = "THE_FULL_LM.PHP_URL_HERE";

replacing THE_FULL_LM.PHP_URL_HERE with the full URL of lm.php on your server.

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Hi Stan, I did that, but the page that is opened has an error message on it.

I have a valid licence for the product and yearly support, so I'll take this to a support email now as using the forums is a fairly slow process and I need to show you screenshots.


Apologies Stan. I went thru the process again and new original files and it's now working 100%.

Please ignore the ticket I just opened, and thanks for the help.


Hi Guys,
It took me three hours to find this solution.
Please could you do a quick tutorial on how to edit the subscribe_ pages for those who don't know they have to add the lm.php location and list name manually?
Many thanks.