GDPR US Requirements


New Member
We have an App that has users from all over the world. I collect their emails if they choose to receive our Freebies in the App. Unfortunately, this puts us under the EU GDPR. How do I keep my MaxBulk user emails safe using the MLM? It has been recommended that we no longer store our customer's email on the internet. The whole purpose of using MLM is to see who is opening our emails. Do you have a list of recommendations and settings to keep us all compliant when using the MaxBulk Mailer and MLM?


Staff member
I haven't read the EU GDPR yet but are you sure you can't store that data? Anybody selling thru the internet store that information, name and email are vital information. MLM doesn't store stuff on the internet but on a mySQL database. Usually mySQL databases, by default are not accessible except from the software running on the same server or local network.

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