FTP error when downloading folder from server to PC


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I just purchased the FTP because of the interface, but the functions are just horrible.

I try to download a folder from my web server to my desktop. Any FTP client can do that, even ugly FTP clients, but yours just cannot do that.

Any folder I try to download by drag and drop from Server to desktop I get errors like:

Error: the file example.php cannot be transfered because some error in the communication.

I click ok and get another error window popup about an error ocurred during the download

So I try another folder and the same error.

I use NextFTP and never get errors, I actyally never get errors with any other FTP-client

So what do we do now?

An FTP like this is not good not even for free, but I payed for something that does not work.

Also I cannot order the windows mode, maybe I want the host on left and remote to the right ...

The best I can do is to request a refund because a software like this is not going to be fixed ...

Please refund my money


Staff member
Why don't you dead and drop from left pane to right pane?

About FTP Disk, I wrote it myself during the last 10 years and our company use it exclusively for all FTP transfers. The FTP libraries are used in many of your products and believe me, they work perfect.

If you prefer a refund just go here.

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