Exclude attachments.

I am harvesting some sales staff PST files. I wish to extract out only the Outlook email addresses that are in the From, To, CC fields and not to extract emails from the attachments.

I dragged and dropped one PST file and todate it has processed 609,000 addresses with 229,800 bad. This seems like it is processing attachments as it is highly unlike that one user would have this level of correspondence in a 6 month period.

Do I set a rule to exclude suffixes like XL?, PDF, etc?

There are too many emails to save each as an email file.

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Can I do that without loading the PST file into Outlook?

As it is now I have 10 PST files from Sales to harvest. It will be a big task loading each into outlook and then exporting each email.

Is there a quicker way?

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I discovered that it is not such a big deal to attach PST files to Outlook and extract the emails as a CSV file. Certainly makes the next stage of email extraction much faster.

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