Error Message #301 Moved Permanetly


New Member
HI, we are on MaxBulk Mailer 6.6 and have not used if for approx 6 months. When I went in to send a web page marketing link, I keep getting an error message: Status #301 Moved Permanently. Can someone help me. Thank you!


New Member
So, is these no fix for this problem and that I can no longer use this program and will have to use another program from now on?


New Member
Thank you, I tried your suggestion of downloading the latest version as a trial and when I set up the profile information it still came up with an error message, this time is is Error #102 The URL is not valid.

The URL I am using is:

I'm not sure what to do now. Does this program rely on a specific version of any other software or programs that may impact on it, such as Java Script?



Staff member
Error #102 is a disconnection. Have you talked to your server about that, about why it send a disconnection error?

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