Error in Unsubscribe.PHP


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getting the following error after uploading unsubscribe.php to the host.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function import_request_variables() in /home/hemophil/public_html/myfolder/unsubscribe.php on line 11

I tried changing the function import_request_variables() to extract and getting the following error:

Warning: extract() expects parameter 1 to be array, string given in /home/hemophil/public_html/myfolder/unsubscribe.php on line 11

I am having php version: 5.5.18, database version: 5.5.40-36.2

Please suggest how to rectify the error. Thanks


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Thanks for the response.
I actually wanted to do mailing from some other software and wanted to include the unsubscribe link.
MLM is very complicated for me but I will check it out.
Is MLM free? It is not on the product page.