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I have a couple of questions regarding functionality, behaviour and problems that I have encountered in eMail Verifier.

I have imported 10,000 email addresses and program need quite some time to load them - probably a minute or two, is this normal? (tested on different systems - Windows and OSX with Intel i5 and i7 processors, SSD disks and at least 8GB RAM).

With all the email addresses loaded I start verifying them and program gets quite unresponsive and it is lagging quite a bit (takes a couple of seconds to switch from Results to Console view etc...)

Next thing that I noticed is that after some time the program just sets state in the column server as Found but adds nothing in the column result although I see that there are MX results for each mail in Console.

Next thing is that it stops verifying when it gets to around 2000 emails and the pattern that I found is that in Console it always says: MX Lookup <last mail> and in the brackets is the last email on list and does not do anything after that despite that most of previous mails are not yet verified.

Your feedback is very welcome, kind regards,


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Is your list a plain text file? with one record per line?

About your other problem, it looks like eMail Verifier is leaking memory and overloading the stack somewhere, we are investigating the issue.

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