Email verifier doesn't work


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I buyed email verifier, on october 21st, i downloaded, i started... nothing... the app didn't start, tryed several time... never start.. i wrote to support same day (october 21st), never answered me... five days.
I bought an app to work not to play a joke... i need support to work with it.

this is the problem:
Impossible to open "EMAIL VERIFIER". You must move to trash.

this is the only message i receive when i launch the app.
nothing to do.
i use osx 10.12. i tried on macbook air and imac. nothing to do.

i bought email verifier 3.6.5



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i downloaded with safari, chrome, firefox and opera beta, i erased and installed the app several times... the problem is the same every time.
i payed an app and i cannot use it.
it's a shame.