eMail Bounce Handler Cannot Connect with Email Delivery Serv


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1. eMail Bounce Handler cannot connect with Sparkpost when using smtp connection
Configuration SMTP client to relay via SparkPost
Account ID: SMTP_Injection
Pasword: API key
Result: Errorr - Address invalid

Smtp connection seem to work ok with MaxBulk Mailer
Need Help!!!

2. Why some of the email bounce cannot be detected by eMail Bounce Handler even hard bounce email when email delivery service can? How to make eMail Bounce Handler detect them.

3. How to make eMail Bounce Handler to detect the Mail Block or Spam Block email by recipient system and delete them or to improve them to go through their inbox?


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Re: eMail Bounce Handler Cannot Connect with Email Delivery

eMail Bounce Handler uses POP3 and IMAP protocols since it fetches emails. SMTP is a protocol for sending emails actually.

eMail Bounce Handler processes 100% of standard DSN and for everything else you need to use the rule editor. eMail Bounce Handler already comes with the most popular rules.

About your last question, the bounce error should indicate that as long as the server uses the right error number and message.

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