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Dredging Bounced Emails from Outlook txt File


New Member
Hi, your eMail Bounce Handler looks like it will do exactly what I need to get all those failed delivery emails from a Windows MS Outlook 2016 email box.

However, when I go to File>Dredge>From a Text File>MyBouncedEmails.txt, it starts processing, then after about 30 seconds it shows nothing in the Bounces portal.

I'm using the trial download file.

I'm using a txt file created as follows:
- I exported all the bounced emails from Outlook to a CSV file (which MS Outlook exports to an MS Excel file)
- I opened the MS Excel file and exported it via Export>Change File Type>Text (Tab delimited) (*.txt) file a txt file. I noticed the body of each email contains the critical To: [Failed Recipient Email Address] lines for each bounced email. eMail Bounce Handler failed to find any emails.
- I tried exporting to Save as Another File Type>Choosing Text (Macintosh) (*.txt) file and then Text (MS-DOS) (*.txt) and in both cases eMail Bounce Handler failed to find any emails. However, it did take longer to search through the Text (MS-DOS) .txt file but still nothing in the Bounces portal window area.

I hope you can help because I really want it to work and then I'll buy it.


New Member
Second time trying to post on the thread. For some reason my first post vaporised - maybe I accidentally deleted it. I can supply the txt file via private reply as I don't want it showing publicly. Thank you for your help with this.
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New Member
I don't know if your program has the right rules to handle the bounces I described because I have no expertise on what rules are required. Doesn't your program contain the rules necessary for extracting emails from a basic CSV export of Outlook 2016 emails? I thought your program does this by default. But, as I already stated in my opening post, it didn't work for me. Haven't you tested it with an Outlook exported CSV file?


Staff member
It is simple, look at the rule editor and add the rule to handle the message subject. No expertise is needed here. eMail Bounce handler handles all standard DSN by default. If the bounce is not a standard DSN a rule may have to be added. There is already a rule list that covers 90T bounces but a non-standard bounce can have any subject, even localized.

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