Date Sorting for Opt Columns


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Email and dates go together so we often have dates in our MBM documents in this format — mm/dd/yy. Unfortunately, MBM cannot sort an Opt column with dates properly. A date of 01/01/20 appears higher than 03/25/19 for example. I'd like to see Excel-style date sorting in MBM. This would not even need to be a preference as it would not change normal number sorting.


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Thanks for the tip Stanbusk. However, even after setting Opt1 to Date in Preferences, it still doesn't sort properly. See screenshot. It would be great if you guys could fix this. Does it require yyyy instead of yy?



Staff member
As far as I remember, to make that work you need to use your operating system date format, same order and same separators. The order is the order in which the year, month and day appear. The separator can be a space, a slash, a dash., etc. You need to use the exact same format in MaxBulk Mailer for you data else MaxBulk Mailer may not recognize it or render dates incorrectly.

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