Count missing from Action column in Statistics


In version MBM 8.3.5, we are missing the count number in parentheses that has traditionally been in the Action column in Statistics. However, we do get the grey triangle on the left of the date, that we can click to show multiple actions.

When running an oder version on MBM we are able to see the count.

Click (5)
Opening (10)

We like this feature, as it allows us to quickly see who has performed actions multiple times.

Please let us know if this feature has been removed, or if our system has a glitch and we need to reinstall something.

Thank you.


Staff member
That feature has been temporally removed because it is extremely slow. We are looking for a solution to make it faster.


Might I add that it would be extremely useful to have an Action field that could record multiple actions (e.g. opening and clicked). When you use the Recipients tab in the mailing window you can select emails that have been opened. However, if a recipient has clicked as well their Action status returns 'unopened' instead of 'opened'. I would love ot hear your thoughts on this.