Complications with Hyperlinks, Formatting, and Stats on the same version of Maxbulk


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We have two licensed versions of 8.6.6 Maxbulk Mailer in the office running on two different Apple operating systems 1) OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 and 2) Sierra 10.12.6.

On Yosemite, everything seems to be working as designed. On Sierra, I am experiencing issues across the board from hyperlinks not working, HTML formatting getting scrambled, stats not tracking, etc. I have verified that the settings are exactly the same so I cannot to determine why they are treating the same emails differently.

Is there a known issue with running Maxbulk on Yosemite vs Sierra? Any thoughts why the same version of Maxbulk might be running differently on two different computers. We even attempted downloading 8.6.9 in the hopes that might overwrite the gremlins and resolve the issue, but they remain.

Please advise next steps for discovering a solution.


Staff member
Let's talk about 8.6.9 which is the version we are distributing. I have never heard about the problems your detail. Just a question, is the column containing your hyperlink set as 'Web Address'? About HTML getting 'scrambled', what do you mean? Can you explain better? An example?

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