Can't use a REPLY EMAIL in HTML blast


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Any idea why I'm getting "this website has stopped from automatically creating an email" when using HTML code in the blast? Opens a page in Safari and not a blank email to recipient. Have several "reply" contacts in the email but doesn't work creating it on my Mac. Has something changed that I should know about? Thanks,


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I can see you have posted this questions 3 times, one here and two as Facebook comments. There is no need to post the same questions several times. I will say again the same here. I don't understand what you are talking about. Believe me, no clue :shock:

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Sorry, thought one was a forum and the other was directly to the company after log in. To further explain, I've created a email blast in full HTML and using "mailto:" tags in the html to have people be able to click on the email in the blast to have it open a blank email. I'm on a Mac, using "mail" as my email client but it doesn't open up anything but an error in a Safari page asking if I should allow this action. I've attached the message I get after clicking the email address in the blast. Any idea on how this could be fixed with updated java/html code? Tried to find the answer online but can't find example. Thanks, and sorry again for the multiple posts.