Can't upload or download lists from within MaxBulk Mailer


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My hosting provider does not allow remote database connections "for security reasons." Does this mean that in order to properly use MLM I have to use text lists? I can go to my host site and upload a recipient CSV list into a SQL database, but if I go to MaxBulk Mailer and try to Import the recipients, I get a message that it can't connect to the server.

I've installed MLM on the server.

I can upload and download text lists.

Just want to confirm that I shouldn't bother to be using SQL for my lists.

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I've checked with my host and I have the correct database host, username, password and database name in the lm_settings.php file. I also have the same admin ID and password in this settings file and on the Preferences-General-Remote Lists area of MaxBulk Mailer. I've imported a list into MaxBulk Mailer, and then go to Recipients-Upload to MLM, select Upload the selected list and To - New List - and I put in a name. I get an error that says
An error occurred during the list upload process that eventually says "The URL was rejected."


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Making progress but not there yet. Apparently there was a database associated with my website, and I created a new database for MLM which was not the right thing to do. I changed the credentials in both MaxBulk Mailer and the lm_settings.php file to the original database associated with my website.

In MaxBulk Mailer, when I go onto the Preferences-General-Remote Lists and go to Diagnose, it all works now! But when I go into recipients and try to upload the list I have imported into MaxBulk Mailer, I get an error that that says "The URL was rejected." I went into the database and uploaded the list from a local CSV file. When I then go into MaxBulk Mailer, I tried to connect to the remote list, and get the error "Can't connnect to MySQL Server"

So I can't seem to upload or download the recipient lists from within MaxBulk Mailer, but the Diagnose check says I can connect, Select the database and do 3 queries just fine.

Why can't I upload/download or connect to a remote database from within MaxBulk Mailer?


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Are you using MaxBulk Mailer 8.7.2 with MLM 3.2.1 ?

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Yes. I've got it working well enough now. I can access remote lists from within MaxBulk Mailer, and I upload the lists from a local file via the lm.php program access on the Preferences-General-Remote Lists tab. I would classify this as SOLVED. Thanks.