Can't get support?


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Posted a problem a week ago.
No response.

Looks like a BUG in MBM.

Trying to setup online lists with MLM/MBM and get:

ModSecurity: Multipart parsing error: Multipart: Final boundary missing. [hostname "XXX"] [uri "/lm/lm.php"] [unique_id "XQ1BtaarfScTuRrvU92JcwAAAIc"]


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The only person that can fix PHP security settings is your server administrator. The problem here is that there is a security setting that prevents the script to upload stuff to your server. There is nothing I can do here.

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Can you explain WHY the error message is "Multipart: Final boundary missing"?
I understand that a "500" error is kind of a generic "something went wrong" error, but this log file entry is quite specific: A BOUNDARY is missing. I'm not a php expert, but most of the time when files are sent over http, there's an opening and a closing boundary string.
This sounds like MLM/MBM is sending the OPENING string (which it could NOT do if security settings were the problem) but NOT sending the CLOSNG (final) boundary string. This sounds like a BUG in MLM/MBM.

If you have a different interpretation of this error message, please let me know so I can relay it to my server admin.

Thanks for (finally) responding.