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Firstly Stan, many thanks for your excellent webinar yesterday relating to creating E-Mail messages with HTML. I found the whole webinar very informative and interesting. I do however have one small problem. UIsing an iMac with latest software but I seem unable to just drag and drop the index.html file into MAXBULK Mailer as you did in the video. It just doesnt work for me. I can get round it by just coying and pasting the html code but its just anoying that I cant just Drag and Drop. Have looked under System Preferences and MBM has Full Disk Access. Just wondered if you had any thoughts?

Thanks Ted


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Thanks a lot! I am glad you liked it!

Yes, you saw that because I was using the next 8.7.3 version, my fault. That version is scheduled to be released in the next 2 weeks, as soon as I finish it.

Just for people to understand what we are talking about, this is the video in question, I drag and drop an HTML file to MaxBulk Mailer at 12:07:

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